Get to know nature

Get to know nature We know that young people have the potential to make a huge difference to improving the environment through social action – or green action – whilst also developing valuable skills, experience and increased wellbeing. Examples of green action include taking part in environmental volunteering such as litter picking or planting pollinator-friendly flowers, fundraising for to maintain or enhance green spaces or campaigning for the zero plastic waste agenda. Read More

Tackle Climate Change with WWF

JOIN THE FIGHT FOR YOUR WORLD Today's young people will be the stewards of our planet in the years to come.  That’s why we're putting young people at the centre of our work. We’re working with young people who care about our natural world, to help them explore the issues facing our planet, and equip them to take positive action to protect it. Our youth engagement programme supports and empowers young people, helping them to inspire and motivate others to join in the fight for our world. There will be plenty of opportunities for young people to get involved and take action, from upcoming community events to accessing our dedicated youth engagement toolkit. Read More

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Help Wildlife from Home

Help Wildlife at Home Did you know being outside and in nature can help your mental wellbeing? Why not take a leaf (get it?) from The Wildlife Trust's book, and have a go at this of list simple activities you can do to help wildlife - social action in bitesize chunks! From building a bug hotel to creating a garden pond, there are loads of ideas for things you can do yourself to help wildlife. Read More

Prevent Plastic Pollution

Kids Against Plastic Hello! We’re Amy and Ella Meek, aged 16 and 14, and the founders of Kids Against Plastic!  Not long ago we came across the UN’s Global Goals and got inspired to do our bit for the planet, and after finding out about the negative effect single-use plastic is having on the environment, we launched the Kids Against Plastic campaign. So, you want to DO something about plastic pollution? Excellent, you’ve come to the right place! We spend quite a bit of our time ‘working’ on our campaigns.  These are all campaigns that we have set up to address something to do with single-use plastic that we think needs attention. It would be amazing if you could help us out, and better still, YOU became a Kid Against Plastic yourself. Read More

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