Looking after your mental health while self-isolating

Looking after your mental health while self-isolating If you are self-isolating or social distancing because of coronavirus (COVID-19), it is important to look after your mental health. Here are some tips that may help. Social distancing and self-isolation can be really hard to deal with. It’s normal to feel anxious, frustrated or bored, and if you’re worried about the effect it will have on your mental health, you are not alone. Here are our tips for looking after your wellbeing during quarantine. Read More

Stay motivated, active, and connected

Stay motivated, active, and connected We understand that this time of uncertainty and social distancing can be concerning for young people and youth organisations alike. So we have pulled together a variety of resources to help keep you positive, motivated and inspired. These include resources for planning your work, methods to stay motivated and positive mental health, activity ideas to do at home, and opportunities to stay connected during this time. Read More

Unicef: A guide for children and young people

Unicef: A guide for children and young people At Unicef we know that being able to find information about Coronavirus is really important for children and young people. We’ve worked with our Youth Advisory Board to create this page to make it easy for children and young people in the UK to find what they need. Events are changing fast. We will try and keep this page updated as often as we can, with new resources and new opportunities. Read More

A coronavirus microsite

A coronavirus microsite It’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed and scared by everything you’re hearing about coronavirus disease (COVID-19) right now. Find out more about what's happening and the simple steps you can take to help prevent catching COVID-19 and spreading to others. Also find out more about what you can do if you are feeling anxious and worried, and how you can support others in your community. Read More

Help if you’re worried about Coronavirus

Help if you're worried about Coronavirus There’s a lot of information about Coronavirus in the news. Find out what it is and what to do if you’re worried. COVID-19 is a new type of virus that’s been affecting some people across the world. It’s sometimes called coronavirus, and it can affect people's lungs and airways, but it seems like it has less effect on children and young people. Read More

Prince’s Trust support hub

Prince's Trust support hub We've pulled together some of the most useful advice, guidance and resources so you can continue to upskill by developing your confidence and abilities during this challenging time, as well as find the answers to your questions on work and self-employment. We'll continue to update our hub, so do keep visiting for the latest tools and tips - and share with your friends and family. Read More

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