Our Corner of the World: black British experience

A short film and eBook created by young black people.

Our Corner of The World is a two-part series: a short film and an eBook that amplifies nuanced and beautiful but often overlooked black British experience.

In the wake of George Floyd’s brutal murder and the persistence of COVID-19. It has become increasingly important to listen to the stories and experiences of black youths who are essentially braving a double pandemic. Our Corner of the world challenges the hyper traumatic narratives that have made up the whole sum of black British representation in the literary and visual arts world. This film provides the opportunity to see young black people existing and enjoying normality within their corner, outside of the abnormal world of racial inequality.

The Advantage Group (TAG) is a nationally recognised and award-winning social enterprise that aims to transform the lives of young people from underrepresented backgrounds. TAG has a proven record of delivering workshops to over 2000 young people from black and other marginalised communities.

COVID-19 halted their offline plans for 2020 but they pivoted quickly and launched a digital campaign to engage, educate and empower young people online. In this, TAG launched a writing challenge which tasked young people to write on “what community means to them”. These stories, poems, letters and essays are being released as part of the Our Corner of the World series.

There’s never been a better time to amplify young voices and it is time for all of us to listen, understand and empathise.