Lockdown Lifehacks

Young people have been needlessly excluded from the response effort during the pandemic – but did you know that 92% of young people think this could be a moment to change society for the better?

Young people have taken matters into their own hands, by starting their own projects, continuing their volunteering and looking out for their loved ones. And now they’re going one step further.

Young people from the #iwill campaign, the NHS Youth Forum, Scouts, Girlguiding, NCS and Youth United Foundation have developed actions for other young people to help others at this time. Whether it’s their friends, family, classmates or neighbours – these actions give all young people the power to help.

The Action: Lockdown Lifehacks

Share a skill you have that could help other people get through Lockdown & beyond. Nominate three people you know to do the same.

How can you take part?

Stay connected, beat the boredom, and develop your skills – all whilst helping others.

Share a skill you have, that could help others through lockdown. Do you know how to run the perfect bath? Could you help someone learn how to introduce themselves in British Sign Language? Could you teach someone how to play chess to stave off their boredom?

Whether it’s crafts for self-care, skills for the future, or a lockdown lifehack, we want you to share it, and nominate others to do the same.

Are you an organisation, school or group wanting to run a #LockdownLifehack session with your young people?

Download the guide to running a session

Got 3 minutes? Share the action on social media and nominate a friend.

If you are a social media user, post the action and tag friends you want to share a skill with. 

Draft post (feel free to make it your own):

What’s your #LockdownLifehack?

Share a skill that’s helped you through lockdown, that you think could help others too. @username and @username will you share a skill with me?

Find out how to take part:


Download the Lockdown Lifehacks graphics

Got 1 hour? Share your own #LockdownLifehack

STEP 1: Think of a skill you have that could help other people (see our sample list for some ideas!)

STEP 2: Create a way to share your skill over social media (check out these creative ways for inspo!)

STEP 3: Share your skill via a social media post, story of live-stream and tag #LockdownLifehack

STEP 4: Tag three other people in your post to invite them to share their skill too.

Got a bit more time? Take part in #LockdownLifehack with friends.

You can take part in Lockdown Lifehack with your youth group or forum, class, or with young people who also use the services you do. There are lots of ways to take part. Download the guide below to see the full range of ways you can take part.

Download the Lockdown Lifehacks guide

Take a look at these #Lockdown Lifehacks for some inspiration

Follow the hashtag #LockdownLifehacks on social media for more.