Putting wildlife on the curriculum

Cultivating the next generation: can we put wildlife on the curriculum? #iwill Ambassador Guy, 17, explores his passion for conservation and environmental action, and shares his hopes for a proposed new Natural History GCSE in engaging young people with nature. I am an avid and passionate promoter of nature conservation. I am also a student rather concerned about the state of education in our country, especially given the damaging disruption that Coronavirus has inflicted in the past four months. So when I heard about the development of a new GCSE in Natural History, geared toward engaging young people with nature and giving environmental issues more prominence in our curriculum, it was very welcome news. It has been shown that British children are becoming so disconnected from nature that they struggle to identify common wildlife and plants. A survey from the organisation Hoop last year found that of children aged 5 to 16 that: 83% a couldn’t identify a bumblebee 65% a couldn’t identify a kingfisher 51% a couldn’t identify a nettle 23% a couldn’t identify a robin 22% a couldn’t identify a badger If we don’t do something to remedy these appalling statistics, they will only get worse. It has also been proved that children lose interest in nature the older they get, and so all the more reason for this GCSE to be rolled out.   If young people are not in engaged in nature and the mounting environmental issues that our world faces, we stand [...]

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Deciding the Fate of the Earth

Deciding the Fate of the Earth Esther, Age 14 By being trapped inside, are we more appreciative of the world around us? If we go back into the world in the months and years to come, when hopefully our society has somewhat recovered from the devastation we are experiencing and facing, with this consciousness about the environment, perhaps we will all, including myself, try just a little bit harder to protect this beautiful planet.  This is why this is such an important time. What we choose to do right now and in the near future will, more than ever, help decide the fate of the Earth, for better or for worse. Maybe stepping back is ultimately what we needed, even if the reason we have to is absolutely awful. We needed to gain a new perspective on what we are doing and also regain a love for the Earth that lies around us. Read More

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