A perspective from a 15 year old

Rebecca, Age 15, BiteBack Youth Board Member

At 15 years old, the 20th of March 2020 was my last day in secondary education; almost 100 days early. The school doors were shut that night as I along with the rest of the nations year 11s and year 13s were left with our vital qualifications (GCSEs and A-levels) up in the air and yet despite an atmosphere of tension frustration and fear looming over many, it was ultimately a unanimously accepted decision that putting our health and the health of others first was the only choice that could have been made. On that day we trusted our government with the course of our lives because each one of us understood the importance of putting health first and the urgency that was needed to keep the country safe.

Now, weeks on and we have all begun asking ourselves, what legacy do we want to leave on this world?

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